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This IsOur Story

Stewart Boys Racing started with the idea of fun, competition and giving back. I have always enjoyed riding quads and anything else with wheels. As I got older, I would buy bigger quads and was fortunate enough to have a neighbor with plenty of land to ride on. When I was 16, I traded in the thrill of riding quads to cars. Ten years later, I married, had kids and riding quads was making its way back. My sons loved their battery-operated John Deere Gator. They road for hours and that’s when I knew that they would enjoy riding quads just like I did when I was young.  

Cooper and Charlie got Polaris Outlaw 90’s at age four and six and that’s when the excitement began. We had two acres of land to build trails and jumps for them to ride around on. When they outgrew their 90’s we bumped them up to Yamaha Raptor 125cc’s. We told them once they had their schoolwork in order, they could ride until dark. My wife and I purchased two Suzuki’s so we could all ride as a family. One day, while I was dropping our quads off for maintenance, I saw a brochure for a GNCC in Georgia. That’s when I decided to attend our first GNCC race as spectators and we fell in love with it in the first weekend.    

2016 Steelcreek GNCC was our first participating race and I can honestly say it was a huge learning experience. There was mud, we were late, couldn’t find parking, didn’t know where tech was or where to get transponders. I owe a big thank you to Tina at GNCC for helping us on our first race and holding the race. Steelcreek started SBR in GNCC and we haven’t stopped since. In 2016 we competed in nine races and 2017 we competed in all GNCC events. Towards the end of 2016, we found the series Mideast Hare Scramble. It was a little closer to home and got more seat time to help SBR hone their skill on the quads. In the 2016 Mideast Hare Scramble, the boys competed in two races and all races in the following year. 

I like my boys racing because it teaches them that responsibility, hard work, and determination pays off. They understand that school and responsibilities come first before they can hop on a quad. I find it important to instill these traits so that they are disciplined on and off the track. I’m proud to say that Cooper and Charlie can prep their own bikes, fuel, chains, sprockets, and filters. I enjoy seeing them getting ready for races and seeing them grow in the sport and as kids. Charlie and Cooper know that losing is part of the process sometimes and although it may be rough, they take away lessons learned to apply for next time in a very sportsmanlike manner. Overall, I think racing is a great sport to help my boys succeed as they grow and help prepare them for the great experience of life. Another great thing about racing is that we travel as a family which is one of the most important things for us.  

Since we have started racing we have met some incredible people. A big part of SBR is giving back, whether it’s returning the helping hand or helping others so they can make it out to the race just like others did for us. This year we have added two more athletes to the SBR team to grow and continue having fun and striving for the checkered flags and we plan to win!